About Insta Code Technologies

SinceĀ 2014, Insta Code Technologies has been the largest provider of staff argumentation & solution in Pune. The only staffing company with industry-focused verticals, Insta Code Technologies provides candidates with comprehensive talent management solution specific to the industry or business purpose. With over 1000+ Associates are proficient in 25+ skill sets, across multiple industry sectors. They are ably supported by sophisticated internal tools, an industry leading fulfillment engine and unparalleled associate engagement and support framework.
OUR VISION To Become a Complete Software Company with the Quality
performances and to develop success path for every industry’s growth and
We think about individuals and the part of work in their lives. We regard individuals as people, believing them, supporting them, empowering them to accomplish their points in work and in life.

  • We enable individuals to build up their professions through arranging, work, instructing and preparing.
  • We perceive everybody’s commitment to our prosperity – our staff, our customers, and our competitors. We support and reward accomplishment.


  • We share our insight, our skill, and our assets, with the goal that everybody comprehends what is vital now and what’s going on next in the realm of work – and knows how best to react.
  • We effectively tune in and follow up on this data to enhance our connections, arrangements, and administrations.


  • In light of our comprehension of the universe of work, we effectively seek after the improvement and reception of the accepted procedures around the world. We lead in the realm of work. We set out to enhance, to pioneer and to advance.
  • We never acknowledge the norm. We continually challenge the standard to discover new and better methods for getting things done.
  • We flourish with our entrepreneurial soul and speed of reaction; going out on a limb, realizing that we won’t generally succeed, however never presenting our customers to hazard.